Dictionary English-German-Albanian

NonStopTranslator is a program created for translating words, idioms and also serving as an appointment planner. This program functions as a multi-lingual translator of German and English into Albanian and inverse (with ca. 55.000 words und multiple illustration for each dictionary). This program is ideal to help people that want to learn any of the previous mentioned languages.If, while reading a text, you run across a word that you don’t know, use the Shortcut Keys to have the translation of that word from the chosen language into Albanian, in the NonStop Translator window. Automatically NonStopTranslator recognizes the word you have copied; regardless of whatever program you are in or from where the word was copied. When NonStopTranslator recognizes a word, the translation is displayed automatically on the translation window:

  • On the top of this window there is the copied word. In this select box you may also entre any word to be translated. While on the right-top side of this window you may select the voice you wish to use from the available voices to hear pronunciation of the word/sentence displayed/clicked.
  • All dictionaries (indicated by text) where the entered word is found with corresponding translation will be listed below. To simply the translation of that word, in the end of each dictionary are give illustrations (if necessary).
  • The illustration(s) is/are displayed in all languages.
  • If you wish to hear pronunciation of words in English/German languages, you need to download and install these Text-To-Speech engines. TTS engines for these languages are available for download from Microsoft at: .
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