Setup NonStopTranslator in steps
Step 1:

First download the "" file by clicking one (Download 4.07 MB) . The download process maintains as follow:

  • Modem approx. 8.4 min
  • ISDN approx. 8.6 min
  • DSL approx. 0.7 min
Step 2:

Unpack the "" with an unpack program e.g. "WinZip". A trial version can be downloaded for free from the WinZip-Homepage ( After downloading the file "nonstoptranslator", double-click on its zip-file and chose the unpack directory. The unpack process will be processed automatically.

Step 3:

After you have unpack the file "", there is displayed a folder named "nonstoptranslator". Open the folder "nonstoptranslator" and start the "Setup.exe" to install the program

Step 4:

When the program is completely installed and started, copy a word using the hotkey "Crtl + C", and to display the translation use the hotkey "Crtl + Q".

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